November 2019

Meet Alysa Andrews!

Alysa Andrews is known as the Jane of All Trades to the community around her seeing that she has dabbled in a bit of everything career-wise. Alysa has taken on careers, jobs, and hobbies in the field of wedding and special event planning and designing, entrepreneurship, social media, public speaking, and dancing; all in the name of creativity. Now she has set her sights on what has been her passion for years through it all: the legal field.


After completing her BBA, Alysa set her sights on law school in hopes to fulfill a childhood dream. After years of dedication to the mission, Alysa is in her last year of law school and interning in the field of Family Law in which she hopes to specialize in upon graduation.


Be on the lookout for another attorney in your network next year! 

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